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This is an overview of the projects I'm working on in my spare time. They are all open source, so you can find them on GitHub and CodePen.

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Automated Dissemination Application

As a part of my masterthesis "development of a communication and information concept for the dissemination of scientific results and publications" this automated application was developed to improve the dissemination of scientific results and publications of an institute of the university of Passau.

The idea behind this application is, that scientists will use social networks for scientists like Mendeley to upload and share their publications.

Everytime a new publication is uploaded on this platform, the application will also load it into the database of the institutes website so it will also be published there.

Additionally a Tweet is sent with the institutes Twitter account, that there is a new publication available and it will be anounced in the browser via web notifications.

So the main advantage of this application is, that there is one central place and only one platform that the scientists need to care about to get the dissemination of their scientific publications in motion.

Once they maintain there social network profile on a regular basis, every other communication channel is used automatically to improve the dissemination of the scientific publications.

You can find the code for this application on GitHub.