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Sometimes I write about new things I learned, things I'm interested in and things that bother me in my everyday life. Mostly about Frontend, mostly for myself as a learning process and always my own thoughts and my own opinion.

Learning CSS Grid

// by Marco Kühbauch

I really liked the JavaScript30 course by Wesbos where you get to code 30 different projects with plain JavaScript. Now he published another course which is also available for free. This time it's all about learning CSS Grid. In this blogpost I will document everything I learned about CSS Grid in the course.


// by Marco Kühbauch

I just started the JavaScript30 Challenge by Wes Bos where you get to code 30 different projects and ideas with plain JavaScript. No frameworks - no compilers - no libraries - no boilerplates. You can read about my journey, what I learned and how I liked it over here.

Frontend Bookmarks

// by Marco Kühbauch

There are a lot of great blogs, newsletters, tools, websites out there about Fronted Development. In this blog post I'd like to present you my favorite frontend links and bookmarks which I'm using daily or at least weekly. You'll also be able to find my Frontend Bookmarks on GitHub, so please feel free to make suggestions to this list with your own favorite bookmarks and links or drop me an email with them.

New CSS Layout with CSS Grid & Flexbox

// by Marco Kühbauch

CSS Layout felt always strange for me and I never got behind the real concepts of it. After a few years of working with CSS I managed to use kind of a combination of floats, display properties and absolute/relative positioning. But it always felt like one big hack. This all changed when I first heard about Flexbox.

Website Performance Optimization

// by Marco Kühbauch

Nowadays Websites need to load fast to compete and meet user expectations. If I google something, open up a suggested result and this website doesn't load in a few seconds I'm immediatly closing it and keep looking for another result. That sounds harsh and arrogant but that's what I got used to over the last years.

The Development Process of this Website

// by Marco Kühbauch

For a long time I had the idea in my mind of developing my personal website. If you want to work in any field related to the web, its seems very logical to have your own website. So I decided to start this project last year in October. Spoiler: I startet the real development process in February 2016.

Let's do this

// by Marco Kühbauch

It's finally (a)live! My own website and my own domain are now part of this big thing called WWW. I welcome you and I'm glad you found your way through the web to visit my online appearance.You may ask yourself who I am and whats the purpose of this website. At first it's a place for me to show my Frontend-Skills with HTML/CSS/JS, try out new tools and technologies and just play around with alle the things which are possible when using web technologies.