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Marco Kühbauch

Frontend Web Developer

80809 München
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Hi, my name is Marco and I'm a Frontend Web Developer. I like to build responsive, accessible and fast websites and frontend experiences for every device and every browser.

My Skills

I am proficient and experienced in writing semantic HTML and maintainable CSS with methodologies like BEM.

I am used to work with the principles of Responsive Webdesign since I wrote my bachelor thesis about this topic in 2014 and I can't imagine building a website without them in mind.

JavaScript is the language I am most interested in and where I try to improve the most everyday.

In 2018 I started to work with React and Redux and I really like the way how React makes it so enjoyable and fun to build Single Page Applications.

Working with Git in large teams is something I really like and I'm most used to the feature branch workflow.

My preferred editor right now is VS Code.

I always try to keep the DRY and KISS principles in mind. I'm also an expert in the Rubber Duck Method.

Former Education

I did my bachelors degree in media & educational management where I learned a lot about the main concepts of computer sience, web design & development, e-learning, psychology and communication. I improved my web development skills in group projects where we developed apps and websites for real clients.

In this projects we designed and developed a new website for a big concert hall in Germany, we developed a power saving app for an energy company and the result of our final project was an Augmented Reality app for our university to teach new students about the campus, its buildings and everything they need to know about them while they had so solve a murder at the same time.

I wrote my bachelor thesis about responsive information visualization where I developed approaches to transfer the principles of Responsive Web Design into the field of Information Visualization.

In my masters degree in media and communication I focused on media computer science and media education and learned more about digital learning & teaching, database systems, information visualization and information retrieval.

In my master thesis I developed an information- and communication concept for an institute of the university of Passau to improve the dissemination of their scientific publications. Therefore I analyzed all communication channels of the institute to check to what extent they are used to disseminate the publications.

Additionally I developed a prototype which automatically gathers all scientific publications from social networks for scientists, deploys them on the institutes website and anounces them via Twitter and web notifications. The code for the prototype can be found here.

In my spare time I like to do a lot of sports, cheering for Borussia Dortmund since I'm five years old, playing videogames on my PS4, listening to hiphop and learning to draw. I'm originally from southwest germany.