a picture of Marco Kühbauch

Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Marco and I'm a Web Developer.

I like to build responsive, accessible and fast websites and web experiences for every device and every browser.

I like to find solutions to complex problems, which will help every human being and achieve that while working with the latest web technologies.

I had the chance to work on a lot of different projects and learn and use a lot of different technologies.

My Skills

  • HTML & CSS

    I am proficient and experienced in writing semantic HTML and maintainable CSS with methodologies like BEM.

  • Response Webdesign

    I am used to work with the principles of Responsive Webdesign since I wrote my bachelor thesis about this topic in 2014 and I can't imagine building a website without them in mind.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is the language I am most interested in, I'm programming the most in, where I feel the most comfortable with and where I try to improve the most everyday.

  • TypeScript

    In 2020 I started to work with TypeScript and I just became a person who can't write normal JavaScript anymore without feeling scared a little. I love how typing makes working on a large codebase with a lot of other developers much more comfortable and productive.

  • React

    In 2018 I started to work with React and I really like the way how React makes it so enjoyable, easy and fun to build Single Page Applications. Since then I build a lot of user interfaces with it and am experienced in the best practices of it.

  • Redux

    When I first got to work with React I also got used to work with the principles of Redux and the main concepts of using a global state container.

  • Testing with Jest and the React Testing Library

    Jest in combination with the React Testing Library is my favourite combination for writing frontend unit tests right know.

  • NodeJS/Express

    I had the opportunity to work on several NodeJS/Express backends and I like the fact, that I can be productive immediately because of knowing TypeScript from a Frontend developer perspective.

  • GoLang

    GoLang is the programming language I'm curently learning and it's a lot of fun. I already worked in a production backend, writing api endpoints in combination with PostgreSQL.

  • MongoDB

    While working with MongoDB I learned about the advantages of document based databases and when they are better suited then databases which use SQL.

  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL is my current choice when I have the need for relational databases.

Everything else

In my spare time I like to do sports like bodyweightfitness and yoga.

I read a lot, mostly one fictional and one non fictional book at the same time. I also work on a small side project which is all about reading and books. You can check it out here: myreadingtime.digital

Playing videogames is something I like to do aswell, most of the time it's on my Nintendo Switch.

I also love to write. From blog posts, to short stories, sometimes even poems, or just simple notes. I'm not really good at it but I enjoy it a lot.

Former Education